Frequently Asked Questions

You can opt-in for the beta build by clicking on this link: Register for beta

Make sure to switch and use account in the Play Store app through which you purchased before installing Retro music. The account used to install the app is also used to purchase/restore the pro license.

If you already installed, remove all other accounts except the one with which you purchased premium. Then restore the purchase.

There are two methods for how to get offline synced lyrics.

Method 1:

  • Find the time stamped lyrics for your songs which don't have lyrics already. A time stamped lyrics looks like this, [00:04:02] Some lyrics text for example.
  • Copy these time stamped lyrics.
  • Open retro music and head to the song synced lyrics editor.
  • Paste the lyrics there normally and exit the editor
  • Open lyrics and you should see your time stamped lyrics there.

Method 2:

  • Find the .lrc files for your songs which doesn't have lyrics already.
  • A .lrc is like a text file which contains the time stamped lyrics for example, [00:04:02] Some lyrics text
  • Now you have to rename the file you created in this way: <song_name> - <artist_name>.lrc or for better matching copy the <song_name> and the <artist_name> from the tag editor and then rename the file.
  • Now paste the LRC files to the following path : /sdcard/Retromusic/lyrics/ Here sdcard is your internal storage.

If you want to skip to particular time stamp, simply scroll to the time stamp from where you want to start from and a 'Play' icon will appear left to the particular stamp. Tap on play button to play from there. has disabled the download of artist's images for the time being, whether functionality for this will be restored in future is uncertain.

So we have moved to deezer API for artist images which have very less artists in their database and you might not able to see covers on every artist profiles.

Themes can be selected from the Look & Feel section of the settings.

The Retro music in-built equalizer was removed updates ago so the only equalizer you will have by your OEM or android which aren't made by us and have no control over them. So you can report those issues to your OEM so that they can provide a fix in next updates.

If you are seeing "No Equalizer Found" in your device, this means your device doesn't have stock equalizer MusicFx Equalizer. You can try using this one. Its made by AEX ROM developers.

Settings -> Other -> Last added playlist interval -> Select an option from the list.

Settings -> Personalize -> Fullscreen controls -> Enable (this will only be visible when songs are playing from Retro Music).

Settings -> Images -> Ignore media store covers -> Enable

Retro Music uses the native media player that comes with your Android phone, so as long as a file type is supported by your phone, it's supported by Retro Music.

Retro Music is image intensive, it keeps images in the cache for quick loading.

If you are facing this issue, please clear the app's cache and data.

If your playlist are disappearing from your storage, that means you are not using latest version. Please update to latest version as Retro Music now uses custom database for playlist. Before updating your app to the latest version, please make sure you have backed up all your playlist and saved them as file.

Previously, Retro Music used android media store system for storing playlist and its database. In order to prevent playlist from getting disappeared, always save your playlist as file. Unfortunately, the disappeared playlist cannot be recovered and there's nothing we can do about it.

Sorry, settings have changed internally. Please try clear data of the app. If it doesn't work, reinstalling fresh from play store should help.

Change the theme to Black or Dark and change it back to what you had before.

Having some problems with music files not showing in your library? Try these solutions:

  • Try checking that the audio files are not less than 30 seconds. If so, go to Settings -> Other and put "Filter Song Duration" to zero.
  • If it doesn't work, check if your music folder contains a ".nomedia" file. Delete it if you have it. It's a hidden file so make sure to enable hidden files/folders in your file manager.
  • Try manually scanning the media folder or reboot to refresh the media store. The scan option is available in the folder tab. To access the folder tab, go to settings -> personalize -> library categories and enable folders. If it isn't visible, click reset.
  • If it still doesn't work and your audio files are stored on an SD card., try moving them to internal memory then back to SD card.
  • If that doesn't work, download the phonograph music app and let that app scan your music.
  • At last resort where none of the above options work, clear "media storage" app's data (not cache). To find this app, head to system settings -> apps -> enable system apps and clear data.

For Exporting playlists:

  • In your built-in music player, there should be an option to save those playlist as file. Save them and import from file manager by opening it into retro music.
  • To export from Retro Music, simply tap on save playlist as file.

For Importing playlists:

  • Retro Music will automatically detect any playlist file when that playlist file is stored in InternalStorage/Playlist. However, if it doesn't, just open "file manager" and open that playlist file with Retro Music.
  • For restoring playlists, the location of songs must be same in both Playlist file and in your storage. For example, your music is in "Internalstorage/Music" and playlist file has songs location "Internalstorage/Songs". Then it will not going to work since both these location are different.

Note that those playlists must be of your offline music only since retro music is an offline music player, not an online music player. So if your playlist is of online music, it can't be opened on other offline players.

If you are seeing duplication of songs in the library or no songs at all, then it's because of Media Store issue which got affected by some other app.

To fix this:
  • Head to your device settings
  • Open up "Apps & notifications" (This name depends from ROM to ROM)
  • Find 'Media storage' app and clear storage (both data and cache) of it.
  • Then open Retro Music app and manually scan your music from your storage.
  • Reboot the device to refresh media store (Not sure if this is necessary)

NOTE: Don't panic when you will open Retro Music and see "Zero" songs there in the library. It's because you cleared Media Store which is responsible for recognising files on your device.

Head to settings -> personalise. And select folders from "library categories". If there is option of folders, tap on reset and select folders.

Retro Music's font have now been replaced with system font now, which means the default font your system uses will be used by Retro too. It fixes all font related issues you used to face/are facing in the app.

If you think the font looks ugly, then you just need to change the default font from your Android settings (or use any Magisk module). If you can't, there's nothing we can do about it.

🚧 The FAQ is under construction.